Class AssetAnimation

Stores the animation skeleton/bones, stores the animations poses, and makes this information accessible to gameobjects

Inherits from

  • Object (base class)


Name Description
this Create the assetanimation, parsing all of the animation data


Name Type Description
animationSet [get] AssetAnimation.AnimationSet[]
isUsed [get] bool
numberOfBones [get] int
animationSet [set] AssetAnimation.AnimationSet[]
numberOfBones [set] int


Name Description
assignAnimationData Access the animation channels to find a match with the bone, then store its animation data
convertAIMatrix Converts an aiMatrix to a mat4
convertQuat Converts a aiQuatKey[] to quat[].
convertVectorArray Converts a aiVectorKey[] to vec3[].
fillTransforms Recurse the bone hierarchy, filling up the bone transforms along the way
findBoneWithName Get a bone number by matching name bones in mesh
getComponent Returns the animation as an addible component.
getTransformsAtTime Called by gameobject animation components to get an animation pose
makeBonesFromHierarchy Recurse the node hierarchy, parsing it into a usable bone hierarchy
shutdown Shutdown the animation bone/pose data

Inner classes

Name Description
Bone A bone in the animation, storing everything it needs
BonePose All the bone transforms/rotations/scales for a sc

Inner structs

Name Description
AnimationSet A single animation track, storing its bones and poses