Class GameObject

Manages all components and transform in the world. Can be overridden.

Inherits from

  • Object (base class)


Name Description
this Creates basic GameObject with transform and connection to transform's emitter.
this Allows you to create an object with a set list of components you already have.


Name Type Description
id immutable(uint) The ID of the object.


Name Type Description
animation [get] Animation
animation [set] Animation
camera [get] Camera
camera [set] Camera
children [get] GameObject[]
light [get, set] Light The light attached to this object.
material [get] Material
material [set] Material
mesh [get] Mesh
mesh [set] Mesh
name [get] string
name [set] string
parent [get] GameObject
stateFlags [get] ObjectStateFlags*
stateFlags [set] ObjectStateFlags*
transform [get] dash.core.gameobject.Transform
yaml [get] dyaml.node.Node
children [set] GameObject[]
parent [set] GameObject


Name Description
addChild Adds object to the children, adds it to the scene graph.
addComponent Adds a component to the object.
createFromYaml Allow setting of state flags directly.
draw Called once per frame to draw all children.
getComponent Gets a component of the given type.
refresh Refreshes the object with the given YAML node.
removeChild Removes the given object as a child from this object.
shutdown Called when the game is shutting down, to shutdown all children.
update Called once per frame to update all children and components.