Module dash.utility.config

Defines the static class Config, which handles all configuration options.


Name Description
constructConv TODO
find Get the element, cast to the given type, at the given path, in the given node.
findPath Get element as a file path relative to the content home.
getObject Get a YAML map as a D object of type T.
loadAllDocumentsInYamlFile Load a yaml file with the engine-specific mappings.
loadYamlDocuments Process all documents files in a directory.
loadYamlFile Load a yaml file with the engine-specific mappings.
loadYamlFiles Process all yaml files in a directory.
loadYamlObjects Processes all yaml files in a directory, and converts each document into an object of type T.
refreshYamlObjects Refreshs a set of objects based on yaml files.
tryFind Try to get the value at path, assign to result, and return success.
tryFind You may not get a variant from a node. You may assign to one, but you must specify a type to search for.


Name Description
Config Static class which handles the configuration options and YAML interactions.


Name Description
ContentImport Place this mixin anywhere in your game code to allow the Content.yml file to be imported at compile time. Note that this will only actually import the file when EmbedContent is listed as a defined version.

Global variables

Name Type Description
config dyaml.node.Node The node config values are stored.
constructor dyaml.constructor.Constructor The constructor used to load load new yaml files.