Circular Studios

We build game tech.

The open-source game engine written in D.

The Dash Engine is an OpenGL engine written in the D language that runs on both Windows and Linux. We use a deferred-rendering model in the current pipeline, and a component model for game development and logic. Other major features include networking, skeletal-animation support, content and configuration loading via YAML, and UI support through Awesomium.

Our vision for Dash is to have the programmer-facing model of XNA/Monogame combined with the designer-friendliness of Unity in a free and open-source engine. We also hope that Dash can help to prove the power and maturity of D as a language, as well as push D to continue improving.


Just want to play? We have you covered.

A turn-based strategy game.

Spectral Robot Task Force is a turn-based strategy game similar to XCOM and Fire Emblem, with robot ghosts fighting supernatural criminals. It features a light-hearted plot that we want to couple with deep, rewarding gameplay. Online multiplayer will extend the fun past the singleplayer experience, and you can even play asynchronously if you want to take your time strategizing.